"Cyb@rg : An experimental and universal real time terminal window."

Cyb@rg executes and manages shell commands from a graphical and cross-platform user interface. A non-exhaustive list of Cyb@rg features is available below :

  • Executes quickly commands from the Cyborg systray icon or from the graphical user interface.
  • Explores hard drive directories and execute your commands wherever you want to.
  • Previews directories content.
  • Executes linked shell commands ordered by insertion. with the chained commands feature.
  • Get an historic of latest executed commands and visited directories.
  • Cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, MS Windows).
Cyborg : An experimental and universal real time terminal emulator.

   Download Cyb@rg :

   Cyborg (Windows)
   Cyborg (OS X)
   Cyborg (Ubuntu)

   Portable Cyborg (USB)

   Cyborg (source code)

Cyb@rg has been designed to improve shell commands handling on the most known operating system in an identical way.

Cyb@rg provides differents kind of sub-windows (dynamic treeview, files explorer, script editor, etc ...). Users can design their own user interface according to their real needs.

Execute successively linked shell commands : The linked commands feature will execute each commands either in parallel processes or in serialized processes.

Have a look on scripts or files available in your home directory : Just use the "cd" or "cd .." commands (as with a classic terminal) and the treeview or the files explorer sub-windows will help you to directly find out.

Contact : admin dot kontrol at gmail dot com

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