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Auto-completer :

Before Cyb@rg : In a classic terminal emulator, you can be aware of which sub-directories are available into a path using the "Tabulation" key. For example, you are in your home directory and you would like to move directly into your Desktop directory, you start writing "cd De" and hit the "Tab" key to let it complete the word "Desktop" and then press Return to finish the move action.

After Cyb@rg : With Cyb@rg, an auto-completion feature has been set up to get similar possibilities, if you input a command starting by "cd " each available sub-directories will be displayed above the command field, just choose one and press Return to get the exact same action.

Script editor :

Before Cyb@rg : On the most known operating system, scripts usage (*.bat for MS Windows or *.sh for unix like system) allows to execute several shell commands in a specific order.

After Cyb@rg : Cyborg provides an easy to use way to manage and run commands in a specific order. Each command is executed in a different thread and each thread are linked between them waiting the end of a process to start an other one. You can be sure to get real time linked command execution.

Treeview explorer :

Before Cyb@rg : When you use a classic terminal emulator, I am pretty sure you spend a lot of time changing directories with "cd " and "cd .." commands, then you run "dir" or "ls -lta" commands to see exactly where you are located inside the tree of folders and if the document you need is available or not.

After Cyb@rg : Well Cyb@rg is also a files explorer, in fact it is an explorer oriented terminal. Cyb@rg provides 4 different ways to change directories : * Classic way ("cd" and "cd .." commands with the auto completer feature) * Select a folder item inside the treeview and press "Return". * Select an item inside the files list and press "Return". * Use the paths historic dock. Each time a directory is changed, each view, explorer and files list is automatically refreshed. You get directly a preview of the documents available inside the current path.

Historics :

Before Cyb@rg : A console terminal emulator provides a way to get last executed commands thanks to the key (arrow) "Up" and "Down".

After Cyb@rg : Cyborg provides the exact same feature, you will see the last executed commands using "Up" and "Down" keys. But Cyborg provides also an historic of those commands in a specific dock area displayed by default at the right side of the main window. You can whenever you want select a command from the dock and press "Return" to re-execute it. Cyborg provides also an historic of the directories you previously explored.

Systray quick Run :

At any time, you can run commands directly and quickly clicking (left click) on the Cyborg systray icon, a dialog box will pops up to take care of your commands.

Modern user-interface :

Before Cyb@rg : We all know that a classic terminal emulator such as Xterm are powerfull but really sad and often not attractive at all.

After Cyb@rg : Cyborg provides a graphical and user-friendly user interface. You can changed the interface moving the dock in different corner or out of the main window. Moreover the order of the subwindow can be modify and each window can be set in fullscreen mode.

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